Living and Learning Through a Pandemic

In late February 2020, Allie and Ellery met up in Chicago for the College Art Association conference. We got to see some wonderful art collections and hosted an enormously successful panel: Producing and Consuming the Image of the Female Artist. We were thrilled by the wonderful contributions of our brilliant panelists: Susan Felleman, Emily Brady, Marissa Vigneault, and Rachel Middleman. We departed the conference buzzing with energy and excitement about the panel and future collaborations.

And then there was a global pandemic.

Unknown photographer, “Germless Kiss,” Look Magazine 3 August 1937.

While there has definitely been an adjustment period to living with and through a global pandemic, at times sapping our curiosity and creativity, we haven’t lost our love for Zoë Mozert or our enthusiasm for the project. We hope to return to it again in the coming months and hope that all of you are staying safe and well. We’ll meet again!

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