Who We Are

The Zoë Mozert Appreciation Society (ZMAS)

Inspired by the work of Zoë Mozert, a mid-century pin-up artist and model, ZMAS explores questions of artistic practice, image consumption, bodily display, and relationships between artist and model, muse and producer. Balancing a playful spirit of inquiry with rigorous research and critical engagement, ZMAS searches for evidence of the lived experiences of pin-up models and artists through archival hunting and imaginative acts of interpretation and speculation.

We will use this site as an archive and platform as we generate transdisciplinary research into Mozert, reconstructing a context for her that considers her contemporaries as well as who Mozert has influenced today. We welcome collaborators, contributors, and co-conspirators in this exploration and adventure.

Ellery E Foutch is an art historian and Assistant Professor in the American Studies department at Middlebury College, where she teaches classes on the art and material culture of the United States. She earned her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania with a dissertation exploring nineteenth-century obsessions with perfection and its preservation in art, natural history, and mass culture. Her publications include articles on glass ballot boxes and political transparency, mobile moving picture devices, and natural history collections.

Alison J Carr is an artist and lecturer at University of Huddersfield. She studied at the California Institute of the Arts, absorbing both the critical dialogue and the lure of the Hollywood facade. Following her sojourn to LA, she returned to Sheffield to do a PhD at Sheffield Hallam University where she had gained her undergraduate degree. Her book, Viewing Pleasure and Being A Showgirl: How Do I Look? was published by Routledge in 2018.

We wish to thank the Terra Foundation for American Art for their support of this project.