The Last Three Images: Erni Erika

What’s noticeable in these images, which I haven’t yet mentioned, is that I grew my short cropped hair into a pageboy bob in the second year at college, and just before I left for grad school I got a fringe (bangs) and dyed my hair black, channelling my new favourite star, Louise Brooks. This project was restructuring me–technically, conceptually, critically, and personally.

The photoshoot documentation shows a Polaroid held up in front of the camera. Using Polaroids was an additional step I added into my process at CalArts that enabled me to see how the image would look on film, to see how the lighting was being picked up by the camera. I only had a few B&W Polaroids, so when I used colour, I used the B&W setting on my friends digital camera to see how the image would look on the film.

Erni Erika, Alison J Carr

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